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Let's get creative.

Types of bookings at Elwood:


Studio Rentals-

This service is great for photographers, videographers, content creators, and so much more! With a classic studio set-up, in home look, grand lobby, and an additional portable backdrop set-up. With this downtown location, it is a great location for indoor and outdoor sessions. This space is neutral & classy with lots of color options so that you can make it fit YOUR style. There are lots of options on booking times and durations. For more info and pricing, click "Book Now" below.

All backdrops, props, lighting equipment, and even plants are included for use in the Studio fee. 

Event Rentals- 

This space is ideal for small events for 35-40 people. This classy look and beautiful architecture is perfect for bridal showers, engagement parties, birthday parties, baby showers, & more. With lots of open floor space, we can add tables/chairs to meet your events needs. The cozy in-home space will cozy up your party, and get it personal. There is a minimum 2 hour booking, you can find the prices and details below. 

Studio Memberships: $150 a month for unlimited booking. Month by month commitment. Yeah, you read that right. Only 10 members at all times. We currently have 2 memberships available. 

We would love for you to slow down, create, and socialize at Elwood. And it's personal to us, so we make it our priority to serve you and the people you love.

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