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Elwood Huddle:

September 4th Join us for a discussion over “Digital Presence” and how to navigate sharing our authentic creative self through a screen. We will venture through topics like Growth through social media, websites, how to connect through apps and more. We believe making these discussions in a group will help us learn how to keep the “human component” present even through a screen. @dean_hinnant has been the brains and mastermind behind this topic, and we are so stocked to involve all types of creative people in this conversation. Whether you are a photographer, videographer, painter, fashion designer, writer, observer of art, or more— we would love to have you at this huddle❤️‍🔥

Headshot Mini's:

September 8th Needing a few good headshots for LinkedIn, school projects, your job, email, profiles or more? We are here to help you succeed wherever you are in life. On Friday, September 8th, swing by Elwood Studios for your Headshot Mini session anytime between 9-12pm. These minis are come and go, and there are no time slots to sign up for, so you just come in and wait your turn if there's a line! These sessions are 10 minutes long and you get 5 images back. You will have 5 colors to chose from for your session, but you can only shoot with white & one other color of choice. SB PHOTOGRAPHY will be running and shooting these mini sessions. You must pay with cash or card to be able to begin shooting, or prepay by purchasing your ticket online

Elwood Challenge:

September 11th Join us for the very first Elwood Challenge event. This first event is specific to photographers but we will have more creatively diverse challenges in the future. Here's how it works: -You come to Elwood August 14th at 6pm and we will tell you the Challenge theme -You will have 40 minutes collectively to work with our models and "get the shot" -Then you will have 25 minutes after shooting to choose one image and make your edits to it -After everyone has submitted their Challenge image, we will go over all of the groups images while our special guest judge chooses that evenings winning Image. -The winner of the evening will win 50% of all ticket cost purchased that evening & we will post your image on the Elwood Page as that weeks winning image.

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